Key Parameters

Antenna Array Hexagonal close-packed transit array  
  Petite Full Petite array: Achieve science goals A. & F. and
∼ 30% of B.-E.
array diameter 600m 1500m
fill factor 50% 50% Full array: Achieve all science goals
number of elements 5,000 32,000  
10 σ single transit sens. 8.7μJy 1.3μJy  
Array element Parabolic on-axis 6m dish with 1D pointing Small for short baselines, D ≫ λmin for systematics
construction on-site fiber glass production, mm surface accuracy Better beam control than Stage I for systematics
OMT ultra-wide band, dual-pol  
front-end amplifiers and digitizers integrated with OMT alternative arrangement to be explored
channelizer one per 10-100 dishes helps with corner-turning, alternatives possible
Correlator FFT correlator with partial N2 correlations Individual baseline correlation mode for calibration.
FRB capability real-time FRB search engine  
real-time beam-forming 104 concurrent tracking beams pulsar, transients, multi-messenger
area 50%
observing time 5 years on sky, wall-time 7-10 years
complex amplitude sky sources
primary beam per antenna calibration using fixed wing drones
clock distribution sub ps clock distribution for phase stability

For a python module that calculates the noise parameters see Downloads.